Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding Remit Traineeship Programmes.

Will a Traineeship affect my benefits/working tax credits?
Your benefits will not be affected as Traineeships are classed as ‘in education’.

Will I get paid for my work experience?
No, but you will gain essential skills and knowledge to improve your chances of securing employment.

Will I be offered a job at the end of the programme?
Employment is not guaranteed, however if you successfully complete your work experience, the employer will offer you a formal interview.

Will I be paid any travel expenses?
Your employer will be able to support you with travel expenses so you can get to and from your work placement safely.

Supplements maybe provided for lunch at the discretion of your employer.

You may be eligible for weekly payments from the Bursary Fund to support with food and travel costs during your Traineeship. Please see the section on Traineeship Bursary Fund.

Will I be provided with a uniform?
This will be dependent on the type of employer you are placed with.

Your employer will provide you with the relevant personal protective equipment if required.