Top 10 Benefits of an IT Apprenticeship

July 8, 2016


Recent analysis conducted by the Tech Partnership highlights that Digital Apprenticeships are growing at more than double the UK average. There were 1.06m people working in digital businesses in 2015 (3% of the UK workforce at that time) and the digital industries gross value added (GVA) to the UK economy in 2014 was £94.8bn – 6% of the annual total for all industries.

Around 30,000 people are now on digital / tech apprenticeships – 3.1% of all apprentices. This highlights how current and former apprentices represent an important part of the digital workforce. Almost 1 in 10 of those now in tech specialist roles have completed or are undertaking an Apprenticeship.

“Apprenticeships are an important route into the digital professions, and likely to become more so with the advent of the apprenticeship levy,” says Anouska Ramsay, Talent Director of Capgemini UK. “The growth in numbers shows that both employers and potential apprentices recognise the benefits of digital apprenticeships,” adds Karen Price, CEO of the Tech Partnership.

Discover the business benefits of IT Apprenticeships for companies like yours. See our top 10 benefits of having an apprentice on your team:

1. Bridge the skills gap

Many companies, particularly those within the technology sector, are finding it tough to recruit people with the particular skills they need to help move their business forward. Apprenticeships can help you tackle skill shortages. Almost 1 in 10 of those now in tech specialist roles have completed or are undertaking an Apprenticeship.

2. Immediate Impact

Aspiring tech specialists from the millennial generation are ‘digital natives’ with a close understanding of the social media tools younger audiences use. For example, using Instagram to increase awareness of your business might not come naturally to an older candidate, but would be familiar to someone who has lived digital from a very young age. Almost three quarters (74%) of all digital apprenticeships starters in the UK during 2014/15 were aged 24 or below, compared with 59% of apprenticeship starters as a whole.

3. Improve Productivity

Hiring an IT Apprentice can improve your bottom line by boosting productivity and helping your company to run more effectively. Learning can be done in your workplace, minimising disruption and maximising impact. The average Apprenticeship improves productivity by £214 a week.

4. Fresh perspectives and digital skills

Apprenticeships are a great way of attracting enthusiastic talent with innovative perspectives. Digital apprenticeships tend to be at a higher level with 71% of starts in 2014/2015 being Level 3 or higher (equivalent to A level or similar qualifications), compared with only 42% of apprenticeships as a whole.

5. Long term benefits

Apprenticeships provide you with the skilled workers you need for the future. By making a long-term investment in an individual you also get the opportunity to mould their skillset to suit your business needs, which could help drive future success. According to the National Apprenticeship Service, hiring a tech apprentice could even attract new customers. Its research shows that more than 80% of people are more likely to use a business if it offers apprenticeships to young people.

6. Tailor to your job roles

Apprenticeships can be tailored to specific job roles, making them flexible to the needs of your business. Three quarters of digital apprenticeships are in digital / tech specialist roles – in other words, specialist positions that involve creating, implementing or managing technology systems.

7. Unlock the potential

Introducing young, enthusiastic apprentices into the company can have a positive effect on your business, by encouraging a culture of learning. Through Apprenticeships you can enhance your IT & Digital productivity and build their future talent pipelines while opening up opportunities for young people to break into the exciting and rewarding careers in this sector.

8. High Apprentice retention rates

Reap the benefits as successful Apprentices regularly become loyal long-standing employees rising through the ranks of the firm with little disruption to operations. Statistics show 80% of companies who invest in Apprentices have reported a significant increase in employee retention.

9. Grow your business

Develop your business by hiring an Apprentice. Right now school leavers will be considering their first steps towards their digital careers. A supply of skilled IT specialists can aid your business in the long term with the skills and qualities that you require to grow. They also help businesses to develop the specialist skills you need to keep pace with the latest technology and working practices in the IT and Digital Tech sector.

10. Join the IT crowd

The number of people participating in digital apprenticeship programmes has increased considerably in recent years and between 2013/14 and 2014/15 alone an increase of 9% was observed – this compared with a rise in the overall number of individuals participating on apprenticeships learning programmes across the UK of just 1%.


There is an abundance of tech-savvy young people across the UK waiting to make use of their energy, enthusiasm and fresh ideas. Tapping into their skills could be just what your company needs to grow, win new business, and stay competitive in a digital age.
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