Remit Training’s 5 simple interview tips!

March 26, 2015
Interview Tips

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Nervous about an upcoming interview?

Remit Training are here to help and have put together 5 simple interview tips to help you impress your employer!

1. Be prepared

Do your research on the company you have an interview with. Show them that you have gone that extra mile by gaining some background knowledge. Thought of any questions you’d like to ask the interviewer? Write them down beforehand! It saves you trying to remember when you are feeling under pressure or nervous during an interview.

2. Dress appropriately

For apprenticeship interviews you need to find a comfortable middle ground. Your clothes shouldn’t be too casual or be too formal either. Think smart-casual! If you’re really stuck on what to wear for your interview call your Training Provider and they will be able to offer you some guidance.

3. Stay calm

Walking into an interview prepared will help you to feel calm and in control. Walk in with confidence and a smile!

4. Ask questions

Confused about something or have a question on the role? Ask! Employers will be pleased that you are actively taking an interest in the role you have applied for.

5. Arrive on time!

Punctuality is so important for an interview as it gives your potential employer the chance to see how efficient and reliable you are. First impressions are very important!

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