The Power of Millenials

August 25, 2016

August, a time for change for many young people. the publication of exam results later this month brings to an end school and college life and with it hundreds of thousands of young people will enter the jobs market for the first time.

We are told that due to their huge spending potential and future influence on brand adoption, or brand dismissal, this demographic, categorised as millennials (born 1980-2000), holds the key to future of the economy in so many ways.

Given this groups’ unique experience of the world, growing up in a time so very different from those that went before them, have you considered what it could do for your business if you added them to the workforce.

There are so many benefits of bringing young people into your workforce; their values and attitudes are laudable, untainted by cynicism and regret. They value health, wellbeing, sustainability and ethical treatment, all progressive mind-sets. Unlike many who preceded them they choose to live, rather than just survive and with the advent of the internet their choices and opinions are formed and shared for the world to see.

In general they are understood to share the following traits:

This generation believes they are valuable and can offer something of worth to their community and society on a large scale. Through the power of this generation, they believe change is possible and are optimistic that it can be achieved.

With such a broad network they are used to working as part of a team in many aspects of their lives. In addition, they are hardworking, always looking to make the most of each opportunity they are presented with rather than resting on contacts and luck to get ahead.

This goal orientated generation, always looking to achieve their aspirations and goals, fuelled by the feeling of achievement.

The businesses that tap into this power will do better than competitors.

Right now Remit Training has a high-volume of high calibre individuals ready for work. Using an Apprenticeship can provide the structure, feedback and feeling of value that a younger member of staff craves.

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