Nick Boles: Brexit won’t delay Apprenticeship Levy

July 1, 2016

Nick BolesThe Apprenticeship Levy is to go ahead as planned according to skills minister Nick Boles.

Speaking at the AELP national conference this week, he has confirmed that Apprenticeship reforms are still on schedule and that, despite last week’s Brexit vote and the changes in government that will happen in the autumn, the Conservative party’s commitment to Apprenticeships and investment in future skills development more broadly was “absolute”.

Prior to the European Union referendum, Mr Boles had warned that a vote to leave the EU might cause a delay in plans to launch the new Apprenticeship Levy, however, in his speech he stated, “If anything, the need for investment in skills development will be even more urgent and more important for a United Kingdom that is outside the European Union than it is for one inside. Certainly not less.”

He added, “We should continue to work on the basis that the Apprenticeship Levy is coming in April of 2017 as planned, and in the way it was planned.”

In response, Remit Training CEO, and AELP board director Sue Pittock said, “It is difficult to predict the precise detail of how these changes will affect all employers whatever their size, however, one thing is certain – the changes are coming and all businesses should consider their options now and have a plan in place to ensure they maximise their opportunity to use an Apprenticeship programme before these new charges affect all new starts after March 2017.”

“As a training provider we feel we are able to steer our clients through planned changes, but this requires a partnership approach. We base our track record on creating strong working relationships and this approach has never been more important.”