Why do we need Maths and English?

June 18, 2015

Functional Skills Coordinator, Danny MarshallRemit Training’s Functional Skills Coordinator, Danny Marshall, told us why it is so important for young people to work hard towards their maths and English qualifications at school.

“Many learners ask me, why do we need to do maths and English?! The answer to this question is quite simple. These are your basic transferable skills that not only impact your employment but your whole life. These are skills you will use all the time but may not actually realise it. You use these skills when you go shopping, when you plan a holiday and maths and English are widely used in your place of work.

The qualifications you undergo, as a part of your Apprenticeship, require a certain level of maths and English to complete what is expected of you. This could be writing assignments, using ratio and percentages in the workshop or writing emails to customers. This is why your Apprentice Development Coach will continue to develop your maths and English, even if you do not need to do a Functional Skill qualification. These skills impact your day to day living. Writing letters, working out a budget to manage your money and dealing with paperwork from utility companies are everyday activities that require us to use our knowledge of English and maths. An Apprenticeship is not just about developing you as an employee in a vocation, it is much more than that. It is about developing you as person and these skills are integral to your Apprenticeship and whatever your future steps may be.

For those of you who are starting or thinking of starting an Apprenticeship, please remember that if you do not get a grade C or above at GCSE, you will have to work towards your Functional Skills in maths and/or English. So I encourage and challenge you, put as much time and effort as you can into your GCSEs as you enter this exam season.”