It’s not just your CV but personality that goes a long way!

June 29, 2016
MocK Int

Remit School’s Co-ordnator, Ellis Lyons, recently attended a school to give young people career advice. If you’re interested in getting the Remit team over to your school call us on: 0115 975 9550

School leavers can take heart this summer that having only a basic CV won’t hold them back in their search for a job. While many are focusing on getting the grades they need to support their next career steps, it’s important to know that employers look past the CV and consider more than just academic qualifications.

With an apprenticeship a young person can develop their numeracy, literacy and ICT skills while working towards a qualification and gaining valuable work experience at the same time.  As Laura Sneath, Apprenticeship Manager at leading IT company Softcat says,

“As a business, we have seen how beneficial it has been to hire applicants straight from school, to mentor and shape them, and assist them in becoming hungry, driven, and successful business people.”

“People entering our business straight from school or college bring with them fresh talent and enthusiasm. Our apprentices are helping to address the shortage of skills in our industry. But more than that, young people bring something new to our business.”

Remit Training has an extensive schools engagement strategy, highlighting the opportunities that an apprenticeship can offer a school leaver.

Schools Coordinator Ellis Lyons at Remit Training says: “Once we have explained to students the potential benefits of completing an Apprenticeship; this soon changes a person’s mind. You have to look to the future.”

“We stress to the all the students that their CV is important to getting their foot in the door when it comes to applying for their first job, but that we know it’s hard when your still at school or college and don’t have much work experience.”

“Employers know this too so they are looking for other things and it’s important that this comes across either via a CV or at an interview. Things like Scouts and Brownies, or a sports team or volunteer work show team work and commitment, working on home projects show enthusiasm and again commitment.”

Here are some top tips to impress a prospective employer:

• Show a positive attitude, passion and interest for your chosen industry

• Give yourself plenty of time to get to your interview

• Know a few facts about the company and be able to tell your employer exactly why you want to work there

• Give examples of your strengths

• Double check your CV and application form for mistakes