Food Manufactures urged to act now to make the most of Apprenticeships

July 28, 2016

Apprenticeship-levy-need-not-be-a-cost-burden_strict_xxlBusinesses in the food manufacturing sector should focus on an L&D strategy now, to include apprenticeships and take advantage of the government’s apprenticeship Levy which will come into force in April 2017.

As a training provider, we are urging our clients to take advantage of the apprenticeship opportunity now, says Remit Training CEO, Sue Pittock

“We are working closely with our client partners now to steer them through any changes that may come into place, but our message to all businesses in this sector is to consider their options now and have plan in place to maximise on this opportunity, before any changes come into place.”

While the precise details of the government’s plans are still to emerge, businesses in the Food Manufacturing will be affected and so, are being urged to understand their options in advance of the planned launch date in April.

The Food and drink manufacturing industry needs to recruit some 130,000 new workers to replace those retiring before 2024 and apprenticeship are a proven route to developing sustainable skills and efficiencies which are key to lean manufacturing processes employed in the sector.

MD of Remit Food, Di Herft added, “Quite a few Food Manufacturers haven’t really investing in a learning and development strategy and are quite new to some of this. It takes quite a long time to implement a programme on this scale especially when you are talking about very large manufacturers with a very large levy bill.

“The companies that are ready to go when the levy comes in, will see a better return on their investment through improved processes.”


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