Employing an apprentice can seem complicated but with the help of Remit we can help make this process run as smoothly as possible and be a success. On this page you will find a rundown of how to recruit an apprentice and what you will need to consider when both recruiting and interviewing a potential apprentice.

Recruiting An Apprentice

Once you have decided you would like to employ an apprentice within your business and which role you would like them to undertake, please contact Remit and talk us through your requirements. You will initially speak with one of our business development advisors who will explain everything that is involved with the recruitment process and the apprenticeship programme. They will also go through your eligibility for any government or local authority grants available and will put you forward for this if you meet the requirements.

Your details and apprentice requirements will be passed over to one of our recruitment team. The recruiter that you are allocated will account manage your recruitment process and they will contact you to discuss the vacancy and specific requirements you have. So that your recruitment advisor can find you the right person for your business you will need to provide us with some information about the type of person you require. To help us with this please consider the following points:

Once your Remit recruitment advisor has the job specification and has discussed your requirements we will advertise your role on a number of job sites such as National Apprenticeship Service, Not Going to Uni and Total Job’s. We will also look at our database of thousands of apprentice applicants who have registered their interest with Remit to see if we have anyone suitable for immediate start.

All appropriate candidates will be initially vetted by the advisor through a telephone interview and online assessments in English, Maths and IT.

Your recruitment advisor will create a shortlist of suitable candidates for your vacancy and send this to you so that you can narrow down your choice for interview. Your recruitment advisor will arrange the interviews for you.

The format of the interview is entirely your choice and you can decide on suitable dates and times to meet with the apprentices. This could be the first interview that the candidate has done so you may need to provide some support and guidance. Therefore, it may be best to keep the interview fairly short and concise. Below are a few sample questions that you could ask at the interview:

Once you have completed interviews and have chosen your apprentice, your recruitment advisor will notify both the successful and unsuccessful candidates. The recruitment advisor will also arrange a start date which is suitable for both you and the apprentice.

Your Remit recruiter will keep in regular contact with you to ensure that you are updated and informed throughout the whole recruitment process.


Employing an Apprentice

Once you have chosen your apprentice Remit will work with you to arrange a start date. Within two weeks of your apprentice starting a Remit assessor will visit you to introduce themselves and enrol your business and the apprentice onto the apprenticeship programme.

The assessor will go through the requirements and processes involved with the apprenticeship and introduce the apprentice to the learning systems they will need to use to complete their course work throughout their apprenticeship.

Once the enrolment is complete you will receive a visit from your assessor every 4 to 6 weeks during the apprenticeship to monitor the progress of your apprentice and to provide teaching, learning and assessments with them.

Your apprentice will need appropriate levels of support and supervision when undertaking the programme and will need to shadow qualified members of staff to gain on the job training. Here at Remit we suggest that you nominate a workplace supervisor to help with the learner’s development. This should be someone who is a good role model for the apprentice and will support them in gaining the vital skills that they need. Once the apprentice progresses through their assessments they will be able to start completing tasks on their own with very little supervision.

As the apprentice is fully employed by your business you will need to ensure that they are updated with any procedures and policies that your business has, also you will need to induct them as you would with any new member of staff.

Dependent on the programme your apprentice is undertaking they may need to visit a further education College (FE) one day per week to complete their theory based study; you will be expected to pay them for the days that they attend the FE College. In some cases block release training to a Remit Academy may be required and we are now also introducing distance and e-learning programmes. The delivery method will depend on the specialism the apprentice is undertaking. For more information about our programme delivery, contact us on: 0845 8399 200 or apprenticeships@remit.co.uk.


If you would like to register your interest or would like to discuss apprenticeships further please register your interest here and one of the Remit team will contact you.