What Is An Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship is work based training that can be used to upskill current staff or develop the skills of new recruits, enabling them to earn while they learn, gaining essential skills and achieving a nationally recognised qualification.

In a fast-moving sector, strong management is key to meeting the challenges your business faces.

This Food Management qualification will provide managers within food manufacturers and supply chain businesses with a unique blend of business management and technical competencies specifically related to a food manufacturing environment.

This qualification has been built specifically around the needs of a food manufacturing business. As the knowledge, skills and acumen of a first-line manager can determine the focus, drive and accomplishments of their team, it is vital that they are equipped with the tools and techniques to support the achievement of specific business objectives.



What Work Will The Apprentice Be Expected To Do?

The Food Management qualification units can be selected based on each managers’ current role, so that there can be a level of confirmation of their current skill base, as well as a broadening of their knowledge and expertise in subjects including:

  • Setting objectives
  • Planning and agreeing targets
  • Assessing the skills and knowledge of their team
  • Monitoring and controlling throughout
  • Contributing to a strategic plan
  • Identifying resources
  • Writing and presenting reports
  • Problem diagnosis and resolution
  • Providing training
  • Facilitating activities

The qualification covers a wide range of first-line managers’ responsibilities in order to help your business utilise resources in an efficient and cost effective manner, driven by a confident and skilled shop floor management team.

How Can Remit Food Help You?

Our team of Trainers, Assessors and Food Manufacturing sector specialists can help and advise you on the most suitable training programme to support your current and future business objectives.