Employer Guide – How can you help your apprentice settle in?

March 11, 2015
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As an employer it is important to ensure that any new apprentices you hire feel comfortable and adjust well to their new role within your business.

Remit Training have put together their top tips on how to help a new apprentice settle in:

1. Foster good working relations with other colleagues. Take care that new apprentices are introduced and welcomed by your staff. Some apprentices will naturally form effective relationships easily whilst others will find it difficult. Those who take a little bit longer than expected to settle in can often turn out to be really good apprentices.

2. Give effective supervision and assign a mentor Apprentices need appropriate levels of supervision. Nominate a workplace supervisor and assign a mentor to the apprentice who has a personal interest in his or her development, who can communicate well and is a good role model. Show ongoing interest in how your apprentice is being supported. In general, an Apprentice shouldn’t be left alone in the workplace, especially if they are working in a potentially dangerous environment or are aged 16-18. If an Apprentice is to be regularly left alone then a risk assessment should be carried out.

3. Offer plenty of encouragement. Remember that everybody reacts differently to criticism and praise, but none of us like being criticised and most of us respond positively to being praised. A good rule of thumb to follow is that praises should be done in public while it is better to keep criticism in private.

4. Have an open ear and be a communicator Communication is always a two way process and an important aspect of supporting your apprentices is listening, addressing and reacting to their problems and questions.

5. Find the balance between humour and professionalism in the workplace. This is a difficult balance to strike and is particularlydifficult for apprentices. An apprentice can easily misinterpret something said in jest and likewise can sometimes misjudge how to respond to older colleagues. Jokes about gender, race, religion, disability and sexuality are best left alone by all staff.

6. Ensure a safe working environment. Health and Safety at work is vital. Ensure that your apprentice is introduced into all safety regulations, especially occupational health and safety training at the workplace.

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