Diary of a Remit Training Apprentice

April 7, 2015
Day One

Marketing Administrator Apprentice, Reece Langrick

Remit Training have recently welcomed Reece Langrick to the team as their Marketing Administrator Apprentice! During his first week Reece will be writing about his experience as an apprentice here at Remit Training.

To follow his journey, keep an eye out for his updates on this post!

His first post below reveals how he felt throughout the Remit application and interview process. Read on to find out more…

The Interview

“The process of applying for my apprenticeship was very simple and straightforward. I was given all the information and resources I would need and the recruiters were very friendly offering any support or answering questions I needed.

My preparation of the interview consisted of studying the job description to increase my knowledge of what will be expected of me if I got the placement. Practising interview questions with a family member or friend and making sure I would be able to travel to the apprenticeship by knowing where it is located. Finally ensuring I came prepared by bringing my CV, exam certificates and being smartly dressed.

As I was making my way to the interview I ran through a variety of questions in my head so I was prepared. Nerves were beginning to increase at this point.  I had a drink of water and took a few deep breaths to help calm my nerves before the interview started. Because I had practiced typical interview questions beforehand I was able to give an answer to every question. The more questions I was asked the less nervous I was and I became a lot more relaxed. After the interview was complete I felt a lot more confident and happy with the answers I gave.

The next day I received a phone call from Remit and I was given feedback with what I said during my interview and afterwards I was offered the apprenticeship. I was both ecstatic and speechless!”

Day One

“I was excited but nervous for my first day at Remit Training. I gave myself plenty of time as there is nothing worse than being late on your first day! I met with my line manager who introduced me to the rest of the team and took me on a tour of the office.

I met people from various departments who told me a bit about their role and what they do for the company, I got given a lot of information on what I can expect from my apprenticeship and the different tasks I will be involved in. I am looking forward to getting started tomorrow!”

Reece working with Remit Team Leader, Kris.

Reece working with Remit Team Leader, Kris

Day Two

“Today was a lot more hands on and I learnt more about my job role through shadowing colleagues. I started using one of the systems that I will be using during my apprenticeship, it was a lot of information to take in at first but once I tried it myself I was able to pick it up fairly quickly.

“I was also given an overview of what other tasks I will be doing during my placement and I look forward to learning more about them over the next few weeks.

I am feeling a lot more confident today and my nerves are slowly going away. I think by the end of my second week I will feel settled in completely!”


Day Three

“I spent my third day getting to know different people around the office. I was keen to meet everyone as I know I will be spending most of my week with them!

Being on an apprenticeship is a great way to meet new people of all ages and backgrounds, I think this role will be great for boosting my confidence and will teach me valuable communication skills.

I carried out several tasks with the marketing team in the morning and then spent the afternoon with the recruitment team. Shadowing my colleagues from different departments has been a great help and made me less nervous about carrying out tasks on my own in the future.”

Day Four


Reece working on some new content for the website

“I have become a lot more confident with my  responsibilities for my apprenticeship. One of my tasks/duties that I was most anxious has become much more comfortable with me now after several attempts. After training with several different members of the Remit team I discovered that I learn better when I try tasks for myself after watching a senior member of staff complete the same task. This way, I get to practice it and remember the processes on my own.

I am looking forward to finding out  more about my colleagues roles and how my work supports them. I am also keen on improving my skills at the various tasks I have been performing throughout the week. I am also keen on improving my skills at the various tasks I have been performing and learning throughout the week!


Week 1 Round-Up!

“I’ve come to the end of my first week in my apprenticeship. I’ve learnt a lot over the past week and met a variety of people that have all helped me with several tasks and duties for my job role.

I feel like I have already become more confident and comfortable within the work environment. I look forward to learning systems and duties throughout my apprenticeship and how these tasks contribute to the rest of the team. I really enjoyed seeing the whole team during a company meeting and talking to people who I haven’t spoken to before.

Other highlights of the week are getting more accustomed to answering the telephone, creating marketing info-graphic materials, learning the advertising process and having everyone sing Happy Birthday to me in the office.

In conclusion I’ve had a fantastic first week and I have learnt a variety of new skills that will be both useful in the rest of my apprenticeship and any future careers I may pursue afterwards. I look forward to learning even more new things in my apprenticeship!”