Diary of a Remit Graphic Design Apprentice

July 8, 2015

Remit Training are thrilled to welcome their new Graphic Design Apprentice, Craig Litchfield! During his first week Craig will be writing about his experience as an apprentice here at Remit Training.

To follow his journey, keep an eye out for his updates on this post!

Day One

craig 2

Craig Litchfield, Remit Training’s Graphic Design Apprentice

“My first day at Remit Training went very well. First I met the Marketing team, which included the Marketing Manager Sam, Aditi, Reece and another new starter Nicola. I got told about my role and what it involves and was also given some information on the company as a whole and all the different teams that built up Remit.

I felt comfortable when I was introduced to the rest of the team in our building. Everyone was so friendly and made me feel at ease.

I brainstormed ideas of what I believe us, as the marketing team, could add and improve on. Sam liked my ideas and we discussed them in greater detail.

After lunch Aditi the Digital Marketing Executive showed Nicola and I the online side of the company and the marketing strategies we follow to attract audiences to the website and company.

After our meeting Sam showed us into the office where we would be working and let us settle in to our new workspace.  They have installed a brand new computer for me, which I am delighted about.

The Remit team made me feel welcome  as soon as I walked through the door and I am looking forward to coming to work tomorrow, which is normally rare to hear!

I am excited about my future with Remit and helping them progress.”

Day Two

“Another day done!

After having a great day yesterday I’ve had an even better day today. For most of the day I having been producing icons for the company, and I was really happy when Sam said she liked them.
After finishing the icons I got set another task of starting to design leaflets for learners, it is a challenging task but I love a challenge!
Looking forward to tomorrow to try and complete it.”


Day Three

IMG_0046“I am happy with how the week has gone so far. Great team, great company, just a joy to work with! My day was spent making IT posters with Mae for different areas of IT, such as IT Technical Support and IT User.

This was useful to me as it helped to broaden my knowledge on the IT department. I also spent some time making graphics for social media and continued work on the industry leaflets, which are going really well.

Danielle from the sales team also gave me an insignht into her role and what her team were working on at the moment. This has given me a better idea of how the business works.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow with the team and completing the leaflets.”


Day Four

“Today was all about advertising an important vacancy. I created posters for me, Sam, Kris and Mae as we decided to do some foot marketing and chat to people in various areas where we had vacancies.

We went to Kegworth, Castle Donnington and Long Eaton to ask shop owners if they’d place our posters in their shop window, with great success!

We got many shops and cafés to put our posters up and we also had a good chat with the shop owners about apprentices in general.

Kris and I also spoke to a youth service based in Long Eaton which aim to get young people jobs. It was really interesting to hear what he had to say.

All in all, a good day if you ask me!”

Week 1 Round-Up!

“This week has been very productive and I’ve really enjoyed it. From making the graphics and icons to foot marketing, it’s been a busy week!

I have been using Remit’s brand guidelines to create new marketing materials such as posters and leaflets. I also got to be creative when I was set the task of creating new icons that would be used for email campaigns, newsletters and on all of the online platforms!
After spending time with different people in the office I’ve now got a great understanding of each industry (Automotive, Business, IT, Health & Social Care and Hospitality) – which will really help me when creating artwork for Remit.
I’ve also been given the company’s Instagram to work on and build, this will be a lot of work but I am dedicated to make it successful! I shall be making many graphics in the next few weeks to upload daily content.
Next week I am working on graphics for social media and creating graphics for the quarterly newsletter so I am looking forward to that. Along with that another task I’ve been set is to create postcards for employees, they will be similar to the learner postcards I’ve created, but more corporate to suit the target audience.
The Remit team have been great with me and I’m thrilled to have been given the opportunity to work with them. I look forward to progressing my career with Remit!”


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