A day in the life of… a Service Request Analyst!

May 15, 2015

Plan-Net quote 2

This week we are taking a look into another IT role! The Remit Training team got in touch with a Service Request Analyst who told us about her experience at Plan-Net so far…


“In the morning we are always available to take calls from the customers of the Workplace Service Centre. On average we could receive up to 150 calls a day! My team and I process most of the customer requests from start to finish. Requests come in at an average of 6000 a month, which is about 300 a day.

At the start of my working day I normally go through all of my emails and complete any outstanding tasks I have. After that I typically spend the rest of my morning on the phone to customers.



There is a great social atmosphere in the office and I enjoy spending my lunchtimes in the office as we have 3 pool tables, 2 ping pong tables as well as a room with lots of comfortable sofa’s and a huge TV!

After lunch we have a brief team meeting where we assess what tasks will be priority for the rest of the day and tasks are allocated to us all. I always go through my email inbox and make sure I have responded to any crucial ones before I leave for the day.”


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