Apprenticeship Wages to be Reviewed

July 14, 2014

The Government has asked the Low Pay Commission to look at simplifying the rates for apprenticeships.

At the moment apprenticeship minimum wage depends on the age of a person and how long they have been on an apprenticeship, which can be difficult for employers to follow and is leading to poor compliance say ministers.
The Low Pay Commission (LPC) will look into streamlining the apprenticeship rates so companies can ensure that apprentices are getting the minimum wage they are entitled to.
Business Secretary Vince Cable said: ‘I want to see apprentices paid the right wage, so I am asking the LPC to simplify the system to make it easier for employers to know exactly what wage they must pay’. Adam Marshall, executive director of policy at the British Chambers of Commerce said: ‘Asking the Low Pay Commission to look at ways to simplify the minimum wage rate for apprenticeships is sensible. Employers would welcome greater clarity, provided that any subsequent changes to apprenticeship wage rates are backed by robust evidence.’ With these reviews in place it will hopefully bring some clarity to businesses about the current wage rate for apprentices or bring in a simpler rate that everyone can understand.


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