Apprentice Jake Delighted to be Part of the IT Crowd

July 5, 2016


School leavers about to enter the world of work should consider a career in IT, according to IT apprentice Jake Page.With many IT firms looking to young people to fill their digital skills gaps, now is the time to get a qualification that could lead to a career at the forefront of digital innovation.

Jake, 21, has successfully completed an IT professional Level 3 qualification and with his sights firmly set on career progression is now undertaking a Level 4 apprenticeship with a focus on management.

Says Jake: “I’ve enjoyed every minute of my apprenticeship so far. I didn’t start out wanting to work in IT, I was determined to be an architect, but after a week in college I realised it just wasn’t for me. Studying alone wasn’t enough, I wanted to get a job.Computers have always been a passion of mine; as a child I would take mine apart to see how I could make it work better. So this seemed a natural step for me, and I haven’t looked back since.”

With a growing skills gap in the digital sector, which is set for significant growth over the next few years, apprenticeships are seen by many as critical to securing the long term future of the UK’s digital economy.17,000 people started digital or tech apprenticeships in 2014/15, 21% more than previous year, significantly outperforming the 10% growth of apprenticeships as a whole.

Around 30,000 people are now on digital or tech apprenticeships, which represents 3.1% of all apprentices. Current and former apprentices are a vital part of the digital workforce with almost 1 in 10 of those now in specialist tech roles completing or undertaking an apprenticeship.

Part of a team of two, Jake is responsible for all elements of IT support within his organisation, from user support and helping employees with programming issues, to managing the server, building laptops and dealing with the health and safety elements to IT, such as managing cabling.

Jake continues: “I really feel like I’m part of something big working in IT. The world is becoming increasingly reliant on technology and having the right qualifications and ever evolving skills, I feel I will always have a job to do. I’m keen to keep updating my skills, regularly training on the latest Microsoft updates and breakthroughs, to make sure I’m not just relying on my initial qualifications. The ongoing projects I’m working on are helping to further build my skill set.”

Jake believes young people now have the perfect chance to be at the forefront of technological advances and really make a difference to the way the world operates, adding;

“If I could go back to school, with all the opportunities young people have to learn coding, web development, programming and design, I would do it all over differently as it offers such a grounding for a career. Doing an IT apprenticeship provides that solid foundation and core knowledge to build on any career in technology.

“This opportunity not only supports me in my current position, but helps me to aspire to a range of career progression options.”
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